Vocational rehabilitation service and employment opportunities is critical element for enhancing  the quality of life. Thus, instead of cognitive we enforce on vocational work. We exhibit our children made products at school and outside.

Founded in 2012, Pratham Padakshep Welfare Society for Special Children works to empower physically and intellectually able children through cognition and training. The aim of our work is to help Special Children develop the capacity to live independent and fulfilling lives. This involves age appropriate skill training and systematic interventions that lead students from school through to vocational training and employment.

Intellectually able Children require vocational training along with cognitive training from the early school years. The vocational training is the step to reduce the gap between the normal and the special needs. It is an essential tool for integrating the special people in society and making them productive member of community.

Our main objective is to prepare each child to be a dignified and useful member of the society. At Vocational level children (excluding profound and severely retarded children )are taught to learn in our Centre are:

Ø  decorative gifts ( Bottles; Kettles with set; Clay items )

Ø  candle

Ø  envelope

Ø  book mark

Ø  greeting cards

Ø  fabric on pillow cover; blouse piece

Ø  custom jewellery

Ø  preservative food ( Namkeen; Pickles; Squash; Jam; Jelly; Chocolates )

Ø  computer training ( Fundamental Concept; Ms Word; Internet )


Vocational Department:
Learning work leads to employment.

This department is introduced for the intellectually able child with special needs who is offered vocational training opportunities through certain high programs. Dr. Praveen Kumar Md (Psychiatry), Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata, framed,  Pratham Padakshep Welfare Society as one of the  strong and powerful associations for Vocational Department in West Bengal.

Vocational training
It helps the child to identify interests and corresponding employment opportunities. Regarding the aspect, Adhar Vocational Department has been started through which this training will open the door to a position with the special vacationist who provided instructions. The work takes place in a sheltered environment and in open employment depending on the level of support the individual (Age Group 14+) needs. The right amount of support is provided, irrespective of the nature of the employment, the children with special needs would be successful participating members in their work place.

Token money or stipend is given as remuneration to the trainees under Adhar Vocational Department.

Based on the performance level of the trainee, placement decision is made.

Apeejay Surrendra Group; BMGS Alumni Association
; Lions Club of Calcutta; Rotary and Rotaract Club(few); Striker(Gift Shop, Phoriapukur)