Our vision is a world in which all children and adults with disabilities become full and active members of society by getting education by any mode available in the society.

Pratham Padepkshep started in 2012 with an ideology to include all persons with disabilities. Pratham Padepkshep is the only one stop solution providing specialised services which enable children and adults with disabilities to overcome the challenges caused by disabilities.
Pratham Padepkshep came with ideology of “Inclusion”, where we try to cater variety of children with disabilities and try to gel within system, so that they can felt included in the society. We often see person with disabilities are not part of our culture, society and system, hence they are thus denied the basic human emotions of love and care and rights of education, medical care, amongst other needs that are taken for granted by most of us.
We try to combine individual, corporate, institutional and government support, to work with a growing network for the betterment of children with special needs. Pratham Padepkshep provide a wide range of services to identify and provide intervention, to create opportunities for children and young adults through centre-based services to enhance learning, communication and daily-living skills and receive basic education; and acquire income generating skills which lead to family-based productive activities and independent living.
Future hopes : Pratham Padepkshep is at an exciting stage of development. We have a strong foundation on which we are planning to expand the quality, range and reach of our services.
Whatever your interests and abilities are - please be in touch with us - we would be very pleased to hear from you.
Do join us! .