In this world of competition and rat race we forget to think of others who need our help the most `,”PRATHAM PADAKSHEP WELFARE SOCIETY” is an organisation where we try to lend our helping hands to the specially abled children who face difficulty in leading a socially accepted normal life. Our organisation is constantly trying to reach out to the special children to make them self-dependent and rejuvenate the lost confidence in them. We are trying to bring a ray of hope in their lives.

We do not believe that only books can enlighten an individual, vocational training and other skill development trainings also enable people to be independent and lead a decent life, fulfilling their basic needs and more.

We concentrate on pre-vocational and vocational training; we focus on developing social and employability skills of these specially abled children to cater to their needs. Our children are learning to make products such as cards, bookmarks, costume jewellery, garlands, paper-bags, handkerchiefs, pens-stands, decorative bottles, kettels, candles etc. Few consumable products such as tea, coffee, masala muri, chocolates, sandwich, namkeens, jam, jelly, dounots, squashes, sauces etc., the entire profit after selling is distributed among the children who have put in their hard work in earning it. This makes our organisation stand out from that of the others as we do not keep the profit in the trust for their future needs but we believe in catering to their immediate needs to pump up their confidence. Introduction of Adhar Vocational Unit has strengthened the entire work process, every month Adhar card holders get a stipend. The Aadhaar Vocational Unit, an innovative and dynamic programme, is an important step towards enabling individuals who born different, a life of dignity that is meaningful and fulfilling.

We offer various therapies to develop their skills; we also work upon the socialization and communication skills so that they can easily mix with the crowd outside without feeling left out. They are offered with various therapies such as speech therapy, relaxation, dance therapy, meditation, with all these therapies we also arrange theme activities /celebrations like birthday celebration of our students, visit to zoo, park, ride in a tram, visit to restaurant, participating in various competitions, drawing, smayan at Sushila Birla School. These activities help them in dealing with real life situations. Not only do we take care of our students’ trainings but also we arrange trainings for their parents, professionals and parents’ consultation unit takes care of this.

There is an Interdisciplinary Team, where a team of trained teacher provides assistance to each individual; this team consists of specially trained teacher, vocational teacher, physio therapist, dance therapist, rehab psychologist and psychiatrist counselor.

Our hard work as a team of students and teacher, we will overcome the hurdles of their life, with love and patience we vow to conquer the world, we promise to continue to bring in rays of hope in these children’s lives, we are ready to guide each and every child who needs our help .

We provide vocational training cum shelter workshop, skill-development, self-help relaxation, dance, and play through different therapies to these children to overcome the challenges and impediments of their lives, so that they can make their dreams to be possible and practical as per their level. Our work is divided into Three Sections are:
I) Children as per their level are trained in prevocational and vocational skills along with this we are also focusing on developing social and employability skills of children with special needs. For example, their hand-made products, soft drinks & foods like:
a) Cards; Bookmarks; Rakhi; Costume-jewelry; Thakuer mala; Paper-bags; Pen-stand; Handkerchiefs; Fabric painting on pillow covers, blouse pieces; Candle making and Masala Powder( Garam Masala, Pepper, Zeera, Dhania etcs ).
b) Tea; Coffee; Masala-muri; Maggie; Sandwich; Suji; Boiled Egg; Omlet We sell these products and the profit is given to our students.
II) Children are given various Therapies to develop their skills; socializations and communications. They are:
a) Speech Therapy
b) Relaxation
c) Dance -Therapy
d) Meditation Therapy
e) Play Therapy
f) Occupational Therapy

Sensory Integration Unit This is a part of Occupational Therapy clinic and caters to stimulation of individual’s sensory needs. It provides multi sensory therapy for tactile, visual, auditory, propriceptive and vestibular sensations. The OT department further provides opportunity for enhancing motor skills after sensory integration session.
g) Computer with latest software is regularly used for overall development of the students.
h) Theme Activities / Celebrations like: Social festivals ( Poila Baisakh; Rakhi; Holi ); Birthday celebration of our students; Day-out ( Visit to a Park; Zoo; Tram-riding; Restaurant; Self-Shopping at Mall; Selling hand made products at Exhibitions etc ).

Do join us! .