Our Mission :
Our mission is to create a healthy environment where employee and employer works jointly for social and corporate growth. It involves all aspects covering the management of the employer's organization and day to day life of employers.

Our Vision :
'Growth' is a word easy to pronounce but hard to achieve and not easy to define. As Durgapur Steel Plants operates under the aegis of Steel Authority of India Ltd. which is a public organization, so it is easy to understand that it has high responsibilities towards it's employees and any other strata of the society effected directly or indirectly. Durgapur Steel Plant has direct stakes in this organization. We operate involving the grass-root level areas which touch the day to day life of common men, Our Employees - Our Members. Food, Fuel, Consumer durable goods and edible items are the first and foremost requirement of an employee to be fulfilled if the employer demands an optimum level output on daily basis. That is where we step in, that is where our role plays the vital part of an employee's life.